by Kylee Cheyanne 4 months ago in sad poetry




In a world that seems to have nothing

Lives a girl who wants one thing:


She’s different from everyone else

She’s the one who doesn’t do

What they all do…

And everyone else always seem

To let her know how

Worthless she is…

But she isn’t worthless

She’s worth more

Than they say

But she doesn’t know that…

She doesn’t believe in herself

She only wishes for one thing:


She’s been patient with the world

Whom has nothing

But she’s tired of waiting…

One night, when it was a normal night

For all the others

It was a night that would change everything…

Before she ended her life

She asked the world one last thing:

“Make me worth something.”...

The next day came along

But it was different, and it was changed

The girl got what she wanted…

She got death…

But yet, she also became what she never thought she’d be:

She became worth something to the world.


sad poetry
Kylee Cheyanne
Kylee Cheyanne
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Kylee Cheyanne

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