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Death Beckons


By Cindy CalderPublished about a month ago Updated about a month ago 2 min read

Who intrudes upon my night's well-earned peace?

‘Tis I, death, come to bestow an unwelcome release.

But I am full of doubts and regrets - how can I go?

I cannot fix what’s not been done - surely you know.

I thought I’d have time - to mend fences, change ways.

You’re not alone - many others wish for a similar delay.

How can I go? You cannot, must not, make me leave.

I full well know the errors in your life you so grieve.

Give me time to redo things - make it all right.

I fear your timing’s all wrong - we must go tonight.

You fear? Fear grips my soul with dread as we speak.

Indeed, I, too, fear for your soul – it’s been so very weak.

Must I leave it behind? Bemoan a life with so little done?

I don’t make the rules - your story's already been spun.

‘Tis no game, this life I have lived - I could just weep.

Yes, the weight of wagered actions was far too steep.

Give me a chance to realign all the wrongs, I implore.

I insist you take hold of my hand as we enter death’s door.

I tremble anew with gnawing fear and cannot take ahold…

Still, it's written thus - we'll move toward unsettling cold...

………. Dawn Breaks........

I'm awake but so afraid. Are you there? Still waiting?

Are you still hellbent on the issue we’re debating?

Yes! I don’t want to go – won’t go! I want to live!

Then strive for the right, do your best, and always give.

I swear I'll mend my ways - lead a new, righteous life.

If not, I’ll be back on winds echoing remnants of your strife.

No! Leave! Come back only when I’m withered and grey.

Fortune smiles. Still, never forget I'll be back another day.

I’ll not throw away a newfound chance to right my wrongs.

I’ll leave while you begin to rewrite lyrics to life's song.

Thank you, kind death, for letting me repent and stay.

Thank fate, life's truth, for a chance, your sins to repay.


About the Creator

Cindy Calder

From Charleston SC - "I am still learning." Michelangelo

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Comments (2)

  • C. Rommial Butlerabout a month ago

    Inspirational indeed, and very well-wrought! Some, like Faust, might wager an eternity for a lifetime of damning knowledge, while others turn to the river Lethe or hope for a place beyond to reconnect with those they love. I wager all these things and more hold their truth, and I love the Amazing Grace bestowed here in your piece!

  • Dharrsheena Raja Segarranabout a month ago

    "Then I’ll leave you to rewrite the lyrics to your life’s song." I especially loved that line! Your poem was fantastic!

Cindy CalderWritten by Cindy Calder

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