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Is this life all as it seems?

By Abdullah MasoodPublished 6 years ago 1 min read

As I lay, tired and weary,

Came an apparition dark and sinister,

Who are you? I asked,

The specter but laughed,

I am destroyer of worlds it said,

Bringer of Doom, Creature of malice

I screamed Begone then, oh spawn of satan, for I have drunk the heavenly chalice

It laughed again and set down it’s scythe,

Thou art a neophyte,

Nay, I am not evil, or at least wholly so,

I am the one who is the dark crow,

I am the Lord’s executioner,

I am Michael, Azrael, Samael and Saeriel,

If thou art true, I asked

What be my fate,

Come time is late,

I shalt take you to the Lord,

There thou shalt know thy permanent abode

I will not surrender,

My time is early,

I have not seen my child's betrothal,

Nor shall I be deprived of the nightingale's voice ,

For that is what you, apparition, have stole,

Said he there was no choice or poll,

Dead, dead you are, I said

What use is heaven without joy?

What use is hell when pain is already in the soul?

Is this the path all men must tread?

He laughed, seemingly pleased,

Not since the Greeks have I met another Socrates,

Alas, philosopher, death is without pity or remorse,

Like life it too must follow it's course,

It has no happiness for mortal beings,

Nor for those with wings,

But it is as He decreed so it must be,

For in this life, did you think you were ever truly free?

I shrugged, and held out my hand,

We disappeared like wind in the sand.

surreal poetry

About the Creator

Abdullah Masood

Hi I'm a young guy looking to write on stuff I find interesting and fun so hello and enjoy!

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