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Dear Magic

Where Has the Wonder Gone?

By Alex CaseyPublished about a year ago 1 min read
Dear Magic
Photo by Dino Reichmuth on Unsplash

Dear Magic,

We miss you oh so much

We used to see you everywhere

The bees that somehow fly

And the jellyfish who never die

And in every child’s


Oh darling Magic,

Please tell us where you are

We’ll travel anywhere to meet you

To an oasis, treetop, or crystallized vein

Through the hardest blizzard or the softest rain

In a sunny or moonlit


Oh lovely Magic,

Now that you’re gone

And we’re all surrounded by terrible news

It’s hard to not feel lonely, alone

So all day and night, we sit by the phone

Just waiting for your


Oh sweet Magic,

Can’t you feel our dubiety and pain?

People fight and scream all day long

Over race, and wealth, and gender, and creed

Hateful actions and bigoted lies feed

On the whirlwind of negativity you left


Oh precious Magic,

We’re begging you to return

To spread love, hope, and wonder

But you’ve even bypassed the children’s clutch

Our night and daymares crave your touch

And for just a little


Oh mystical Magic,

Please return to us soon

And restore our faith in each other

To once again whisper, and laugh, and embrace

To feel the wind, and sun, and moon on our face

To make all our clouds


Our darling Magic,

We hope this letter finds you well

And that you’re still happy and alive

In a flower’s bloom or baby’s infectious smile

Please come visit and stay for a while

We urgently await your


With continued, unwavering belief,

The Dreamers

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I'm a full-time educator and part-time writer. My best ideas usually end up on Vocal.

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