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Dear Little Lady

by Tripp Any Where about a year ago in inspirational
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Rising Queen

Dear Little Lady
Photo by Erriko Boccia on Unsplash

Dear Little Lady

Dear Lady Doctor,

When you were a little lady did you dream big? Did you think you’d save the life of yet another kid? Did you color pictures of air planes soaring very high, and make a wish every night that you could someday fly? Did you know, Doctor, when you were a little lady, that you would one day help creation by delivering a new-born baby? Dear Doctor, did you ever ride a bike? Did you sing in the mirror with your brush as a mic? That little lady would have never know the nights that lay ahead, so she dreams of artsy things and unicorns instead. Dear Doc, you made it here sleepless nights a plenty, but the death is much to bare, when they come in twenties. Dear Mrs/Miss Doctor, did you wish to be the very thing that keeps us here in this reality? Dear Doctor Lady, of course you had to dream of helping people far and wide, and everyone in between.

By Bermix Studio on Unsplash

Dear Lady Soldier,

Please stand at ease, I want to ask you really fast what you inspired to be? As a little lady were you really fast? Did you run just for fun, never finishing last? Were you a cowgirl shooting off your guns? Please tell me, little lady was it your dream to become...a soldier in combat until the war is won? A tiny dancer in the sand until the day is done? Dear little lady I bet you loved to fish, toes dipped in water, no care to be missed. Did you know your wake-up call would lead you down this road? A proud lady soldier, standing tall, protecting moral code? Dear Lady Soldier, whatever you inspired to be the day you signed the dotted line it helped to keep us free.

By Jessica Radanavong on Unsplash

Dear Lady Teacher,

As a little seed, did you sing the alphabet and your 123’s? Did you love the library and all the winding books? The twist and tales, the deep sea whales, the robbers and the crooks. Dear lady teacher, you never would've known that most of your students did not have happy homes. You are their guidance, their mentor, and their friend. So tell me lovely lady,how’d it all begin? Was it reading recipes? Baking cakes galore? Did you pretend to be Betty Crocker with a muffin store? Did you love butterflies, grasshoppers, and lilies? Or tell me little lady were you always with the sillies? Telling Jokes to all the folks near, far and wide, something tells me deep within that you already knew inside, as a seed, you would become, direction of the light. Dear lady teacher the world will never know just how much you nourish our kids and help make them grow.

By sean Kong on Unsplash

To all the other little ladies, you know who you are. The athletes, the coaches, and the officers of the law, the chefs, the paramedics and the firefighters that are always on call, the lady judges, and all the mothers are not forgotten at all. The lady pilots and all the captains, the bus drivers and passengers, musicians and actresses, and that's not even half of them. The housekeepers, and babysitters, the veterinarian and the wives, do you know the power that you ladies have in our lives? Dear little lady, I could not pick just one, so I am writing to everyone. All of the lady fighters underneath the sun ,you are a warrior, you are queen, and now your time has come. This letter is to recognize the work you always do, all the moments you are there, and how you pull us through.

By Christina @ wocintechchat.com on Unsplash


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Tripp Any Where

Thinking became too much, so I started writing. Bio still in progress ........

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