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Dear Dreams That Have Escaped Me

My letter to you

By Gal MuxPublished about a year ago 1 min read
Dear Dreams That Have Escaped Me
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Dear dreams that have escaped me, 

How you run and run when I chase and chase 

How you hide and hide sometimes in plain sight when I search and search

I see you within reach, 

And I reach my hand out and touch you

Like a transparent veil melting in my hand, 

Like smoke, a ghost, 

My hand passes right through 

Like a mirage in the dessert, 

You seem to exist only in my imagination, my dreams

Leaving me shattered and distraught 

Questioning my own sanity

How I yearn to finally hold you dear Escaping Dreams

How I wear and tear in the chase 

Oh, the agony of the chase

Oh, the pain of fruitless pursuit

Oh, the wreak that is left of my heart

But I’m not gonna give up

No, I won’t 

I will keep searching and searching

I will keep running 

I will keep reaching out

I will keep dreaming because I know I want you and I deserve you

I know I will sigh in relief, in jubilation when I finally catch you

Because you are worth the sweat, the wait

I know we will soon meet

And we will have our beautiful embrace

The one we were always meant to have 

And I am not gonna quit chasing you because I am a winner who will not quit on myself

Dear dreams that have escaped me, 

I am coming for you

Harder than ever

And this time, you will receive me


Your waiting embrace 


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    Gal MuxWritten by Gal Mux

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