Dear Coffee Shop

by LIFE MAZI 2 years ago in love poems

A Poem

Dear Coffee Shop
Me writing this poem in a coffee shop this afternoon

Dear Coffee Shop,

You know many secrets

Including my own.

But with no mouth to speak,

No arms to move or shoulders to shake,

Our secrets stay locked between

The wooden cracks on the floor and

The walls.

Dear Coffee Shop,

You have witnessed me cry

And offered a warm hug and sympathetic eyes

Accompanied with songs that always seem to fit the


You've seen countless empty souls stare at their own shells

Through the reflections of your windows,

Cooked, packaged and handed them back to the person looking at their

Own reflection,

With chocolate sprinkles dusted on top.

Dear Coffee Shop,

You created something beautiful


Love; between two people, between life and the living, between arts and souls,

You give way for stories to be born

On paper and on real life.

Dear Coffee Shop,

You are home to me. My mother when she is not with me,

A place I can guarantee

Will always be part of my past, my future and my now.

Thank you for staying silent,

And watching over me.

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