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Darkness Is Coming

by Scott Ninneman 6 months ago in sad poetry
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A poem about the times you can feel your depression returning.

Image by Mystic Art Design from Pixabay

Darkness is coming

Lurking on hillsides

Dancing amidst clouds

Triggering landslides


Darkness is coming

Gathering strangers

Brewing up trouble

Hiding old dangers


Darkness is coming

Stealing the sun’s light

Passing out shadows

Dispensing its blight


Darkness is coming

Summoning your fate

Calling in orders

Deciding the date


Darkness is coming

Commanding all thoughts

Strangling desires

Disconnecting dots


Darkness is coming

Whispering fresh lies

Altering beliefs

Silencing allies


Darkness is coming

Freezing the scorched earth

Dulling sharp edges

Blurring priceless worth


Darkness is coming

Battling each protest

Canceling parades

Closing the hope chest


Darkness is coming

Harvesting power

Welcoming sadness

Making one cower


Darkness is coming

Insisting it’s crowned

Numbing all feeling

Wetting arid ground


Darkness is coming

Cementing the night

Embracing despair

Tightening its bite


Darkness is coming


When you have bipolar disorder, it’s not a matter of if your depression will return, but when it will arrive. Over the years, you learn to spot the signs, to see the darkness on the horizon.

This morning while driving to work, I noticed the purple of the mountains that only appears this time of year. It reminded me of what I’m feeling, knowing what the change of season always brings. Hope and despair will come together. New life and old nightmares.

Darkness is coming. I can feel it in my bones. I could still see it, even if my eyes failed me. I fear it and dread it, but I know I’ll survive it. This isn’t the first visit and won’t be the last. It doesn’t stay forever, and that truth keeps me fighting.

I hope you’ll keep fighting, too.

Until next time, keep fighting.


Video version of the poem:

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About the author

Scott Ninneman

Bipolar for 49 years, chronically ill for 36. The voice behind the Speaking Bipolar blog. Wrestles taxes by day, wrangles words at night. Thinker. TV Addict. Poet. Links: https://speakingbipolar.com/socialmedia

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