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Dark Hour

Time Is An Illusion

By Erin BarteskiPublished 3 years ago 1 min read
Dark Hour
Photo by Murray Campbell on Unsplash

Seconds slowly tick by

Alone again

Fading like I hold no power

I take a drink from this glass

As I start to fall into the past

I cry for a moment

Scream for a minute

Finding all I wanted is here for a reason

Maybe I am crazy

But I am not going to believe that

Frantic, I push myself into a dream

I wish I was higher

Higher is the search

That place is all I wish for

For a moment I was there

For a day I was lost

Tomorrow I will be around

With a permanent frown

Another dark hour is not long away

It has no meaning for me

This game you play

I’ve been dealing with the pain

Ripping me to pieces

As I think about you, I suffer

I wish there were better days we spent together

If I gave you another chance you would lie

Pushing you away is all I would do

For a moment I could trust you

For a day I could love you

Tomorrow I would despise you

sad poetry

About the Creator

Erin Barteski

Fascination with the unknown

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