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By BUSHRA TANVIRPublished about a year ago 1 min read

In poetry's embrace, I find solace true,

Where words become vessels, carrying my view.

A realm where thoughts dance upon the page,

A sanctuary where I can freely engage.

Through verses woven with delicate art,

I express the lessons etched upon my heart.

For in this realm, no judgment is found,

Only whispers of understanding abound.

My experiences, like stars in the night,

Guide my pen through darkness, casting their light.

Each trial endured, a tale to be told,

Transformed into verses, vibrant and bold.

From life's peaks to its valleys so deep,

Poetry becomes the vessel where I weep.

In tears, I find solace, release and relief,

As emotions flow forth, embracing my grief.

Lessons learned like petals in bloom,

Through verses, they unfurl, dispelling the gloom.

I've witnessed the power of forgiveness' embrace,

How it mends broken hearts, leaving no trace.

Through adversity's fire, I've learned to be strong,

To dance with resilience, to sing my own song.

And in moments of joy, like blossoms in spring,

I celebrate life, the simplest of things.

So here, within poetry's gentle embrace,

I share my thoughts, the wisdom I chase.

For through the art of expression, I've come to see,

That my experiences teach what it truly means to be free.


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