Dancing Lines

by Kayton Hickenlooper 2 years ago in art

It moves me.

Dancing Lines

Scribbles are how I draw

Outside of the lines

Making it up as I go

Never knowing the way that shows

A feeling so rich

So fresh

It moves me

Like a little twitch

The ink takes its lead

Flowing like water

It all becomes so clear

Every movement

Every step

I find something lost

That has been kept

Right in front for me to see

What once was forgot

Is brought back to me

A treasure so precious

I cherish so dear

To accept the heart

That I wish to wear

Kayton Hickenlooper
Kayton Hickenlooper
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Kayton Hickenlooper

I write to clear my mind. To get out of the fog of daily confusion. An artist by heart. To live, laugh, and grow.

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