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Dance from Heavens

Raindrops whisper in the heart

By Ema Published 4 months ago 1 min read
Dance from Heavens
Photo by Josh Hild on Unsplash

Sure! Here's a poem on rain:

In the realm of gray clouds, a symphony starts,

As raindrops descend, whispering in our hearts.

A dance from the heavens, a gift from above,

Rain, the poet's muse, ignites a world to love.

With gentle patter, it taps on the leaves,

Cleansing the earth as it softly weaves,

A tapestry of fragrance, petrichor's embrace,

Awakening senses, revealing nature's grace.

On windowpanes, it paints a watery scene,

A rhythmic melody on a liquid screen,

Nature's tears falling, a solace it brings,

Cleansing the soul, as the heartstrings sing.

Umbrellas unfurl, seeking shelter's embrace,

Children giggle and splash, finding joy in this chase,

Puddles become mirrors, reflecting the sky,

As raindrops keep falling, their spirits soar high.

In gardens and fields, life begins to thrive,

As raindrops revive, keeping dreams alive,

Nourishing the soil, where seeds find their home,

A cycle of growth, where hope is sown.

Rain, a gentle healer, washing away the pain,

An artist of renewal, refreshing the mundane,

Blessing the world with its life-giving art,

Reminding us to cherish each drop in our heart.

So let the rain fall, let it cleanse and renew,

Embrace its presence, for it carries a clue,

That even in storms, there's beauty untold,

A poem in raindrops, a story unfold.

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