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Not Really His Princess, A Grimm Tale

By Jenna LoganPublished 6 years ago 1 min read

“Daddy why didn’t you come get us, last time?”

“Daddy, why am I not good enough?”

“But Daddy, it’s our weekend!”

“Daddy, I got Straight As like you said, aren’t I good enough?”

“Daddy, it’s our championship! You can’t stay for the whole thing?”

“Daddy, don’t I matter?”

“But daddy, it’s my first birthday away from home. Can’t you be late for your party this one time?”

“Daddy, don’t I count?”

“Dad, I want to make my own decisions. Why can’t you support me?”

“Dad, am I that bad?”

“Dad, I am your child too!”

“Dad, please love me!”

“Dad, Why must I choose between you and mom? Why can’t I love you both?”

"Dad, Don't you want to meet your grandchild?"

“Dad, can you at least like me?”

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About the Creator

Jenna Logan

Christian, ASD mom, and Published Author.

Jesus, my son, and Autism are my life's passions.

Contact me at [email protected]

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