by Angel Montoya 2 years ago in sad poetry

A Cursed Soul


the darkness comes around to claim a soul who shall forever be cursed by the chains of the past. yet a warrior falls with weariness calling for the one she trusts, yet how can she know it's not the curse set by darkness if not within chains. a warrior fight's for what any cursed soul would crave, even if it meant giving up the very light of freedom... for a cursed warrior to trust and be loved is only it's hope to rid of the curse.

yet those along side have become effected by such evil, only she falls backs to what weakens her...a cursed soul forbidden by light. how can a warrior fight when she begins to lose control of what runs through out such dark cursed soul...

has it been set to stone that a cursed soul shall serve chains pain and despair while she watches what can never be hers. oh shall she trust what may or may not be hope

sad poetry
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