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Not all broken hearts can heal

By Dharrsheena Raja SegarranPublished 2 years ago Updated 5 months ago 1 min read
Top Story - August 2022
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He saw a beautiful garden

Colourful flowers

Pleasant fragrances

He inspected every flower

Down to minute details

Strived to find perfection

At long last, he found two

A red Rose and

An orange Lily

Fascinated with the Rose

He returned to the garden

Every day to look at the Rose

He had to see the Rose

Inhale its fragrance

Admire its beauty

He was obsessed with the Rose

Too much to the point that

He destroyed it

He plucked the Rose

Pulled out its petals

Crushed them in his palm

Let it drop to the ground

Stomped on them

Its fragrance still lingered

On his palm mixed

With his blood from

Being injured by

The thorns of the Rose


He moved on to the Lily

The Lily was safe

He wasn't obsessed with it

Learned from the mistake

That happened with the Rose

He wouldn't let it repeat with the Lily

He then had the audacity

To return to the Rose

Picked its petals from the ground

Tried to turn it into a bloom again

But what's done was done

The Rose would never be whole again

And it would never be his
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About the Creator

Dharrsheena Raja Segarran

My mental health decline brought about a lot of darkness and I embraced it. It now flows out mostly as Dark Stories and Poetry.

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Comments (52)

  • JBaz3 months ago

    Wow, this insight that you managed to teach us on a lesson in life by using two flowers is incredible. The punch from the last line is beautiful

  • Joe O’Connor5 months ago

    I like the clear contrast between Rose and Lily, and red and white, and how one remains untouched while the other is destroyed. “ Its fragrance still lingered On his palm” shows how the choices we make can stay with us long after. A great read👏

  • Denise E Lindquist8 months ago

    Wow... A well-deserved top story! 💖💜 My first two husbands came back to me after our divorce... I didn't want them back. I had moved on. Thankful for counseling. Now, I have no regrets, no resentments, I appreciate what we had at the time and that was enough. Number 3 seems to be the charm😉

  • Darkos10 months ago

    Congratulations on Top story ! 😊such a incredible way of describing it all ❤️❤️❤️❤️Love btw I know a Master who can bring back and connect into one even leaf torn apart so I will take the Rose and with His help bring Her back the life and loving heart connect into One healthy again ☺️♥️🌹

  • TheSpinstress12 months ago

    Oh, poor Rose. The analogy is so perfect for so many toxic relationship dynamics. She had her defenses, but they were crushed by his cruelty. Your poetry is so beautiful, relatable and evocative!

  • Donna Fox (HKB)about a year ago

    Wow Dharrsheena, I love the symbolism in this poem and the message behind it! Once a heart has been broken it can't always be fixed. I guess this was a case of caring/ loving something too much! Funny how it can happen in real life like this too!

  • Wow 😮 That was Awesome ✨ ❤️😉

  • Stephen Kramer Avitabileabout a year ago

    Ooh, very intriguing! His obsession drove him too far. He wanted too much of a "perfect" thing. Excellent piece!

  • Dawn Salois2 years ago

    This is so impactful and powerful! Wonderfully done!

  • JoAnn Ryan2 years ago


  • Gina C.2 years ago

    This is so beautifully done; tragic yet truthful! I loved the part - amidst all the poetically beautiful phrases - where you said “he had the audacity”… it was like a little fiery spark 🥰 🔥 Well done!!

  • Poppy 2 years ago

    Beautiful poem! Great perspectives

  • Amy Hall2 years ago

    I enjoyed reading this piece, well done! I subscribed to you! I am just starting out and would very much like if you have time to read some of my work and if you like it please subscribe! I look forward to reading more of your work!

  • Brilliant

  • SJ Covey2 years ago

    wow, you are so very gifted. thank you for sharing this

  • Gideon 6ix2 years ago

    Great poem- fascinating tragedy- thank you for sharing!

  • Novel Allen2 years ago

    Hey Dhar. How are you doing. Been a while since you published. Hope all is well with you. Loved your poem. Love and loss. There is always hope for newness and reconstruction.

  • Manisha Dhalani2 years ago

    Love this!

  • Kat Thorne2 years ago

    Great piece! Love how the metaphor could apply to so many situations.

  • Stella Yan PhD2 years ago

    Inspiring indeed!

  • Elizabeth Moore2 years ago

    Wow I liked the image it gave me. Thanks so much for your writing.

  • Axel Postmus2 years ago

    Amazing metaphors!

  • Chezney Martin2 years ago

    So much meaning beneath the surface - definitely resonated strongly as someone that has experienced another's selfishness. Superb

  • Denise Larkin2 years ago

    A lovely heart-warming poem and visually beautiful with your words. I like the way you used the rose as your metaphor. Brilliant and clever story.

Dharrsheena Raja SegarranWritten by Dharrsheena Raja Segarran

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