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by Neil Heddings 5 years ago in fact or fiction / social commentary
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Runnin from the cops


Shakey stops.

‘I'm not crazy

This can all be justified...

Depending on your way of life.

Every now and then

Another friend dies.

And we might shake our heads

But no one cries.

Ain’t got no time

For damp eyes.

The cops will come again

And if we get popped


We'll just have to wait

Till we get out again

To try again.

For some it won't

Ever end.

For some it's like

An evil twin.

But still 2 worlds apart.

And rotten from the start.

For some

It can be described as

A form of art.


fact or fictionsocial commentary

About the author

Neil Heddings

Star I write so I can learn to live with who I am without destroying myself as punishment. Learn to love yourself if you ever hope to love at all.

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