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Cries of Love

bloom in joyous song,

By Moharif YuliantoPublished about a month ago 2 min read
Cries of Love
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Not all love's pronouncements bloom in joyous song,

For in its depths, a darker tide can throng.

These are the cries of love, a symphony untold,

Of yearning, anguish, and a love grown cold.

I. The Unspoken Tear

A silent tear streaks down a moonlit face,

A love unspoken, yearning for embrace.

The heart constricts, a wordless, lonely plea,

To bridge the chasm, to finally be free.

II. The Echoing Silence

We sit in silence, ghosts of what we were,

A love that crumbled, leaving scars that blur.

Words hang heavy, a language lost and frayed,

The echo of laughter, in whispers decayed.

III. The Jealousy's Sting

Your gaze lingers, a fleeting, stolen glance,

A jealous fire ignites, a bitter dance.

Insecurity whispers, a serpent's coiled embrace,

Love's tender trust, replaced by doubt's cold face.

IV. The Distance Grows

Miles stretch between us, a canyon vast and wide,

Love's fragile thread, by distance sorely tried.

Loneliness echoes in the empty night,

Aching for connection, bathed in pale moonlight.

V. The Unkept Promise

"Forever," you whispered, a vow etched in sand,

The tide of change, erases what we planned.

Broken promises, a storm-tossed, splintered wreck,

Love's shattered fragments, leave a heart to check.

VI. The Fury's Roar

A tempest rages, a fight fueled by despair,

Harsh words erupt, a love beyond repair.

Fury's hot breath, scorching the fragile bond,

Leaving ashes of affection, on barren ground.

VII. The Regretful Whisper

In the hushed aftermath, when anger's fire cools,

Regret creeps in, a thief who steals and fools.

A whispered apology, a bridge to rebuild,

Can love's broken branches, ever truly be healed?

VIII. The Sacrifice's Toll

Love's burden heavy, a choice that tears apart,

Letting go for their happiness, a wrenching start.

Unspoken love offered, a selfless, silent plea,

For their joy to blossom, even if it's not with me.

IX. The Longing's Cry

The world spins onward, a blur of fleeting days,

But your memory lingers, a haunting, sweet haze.

A yearning cry escapes, a whisper on the breeze,

For a love once vibrant, now lost among the trees.

X. The Hopeful Dawn

Though love may falter, and tears may freely flow,

From darkness emerges, a strength we may not know.

The scars may linger, a testament to fight,

But hope whispers softly, of a future bathed in light.

XI. The Cry of Acceptance

Love's many faces, a spectrum vast and wide,

Not just sunshine, but storms that rage inside.

Acceptance dawns, a bittersweet release,

To love and let go, a measure of inner peace.

XII. The Enduring Echo

Love's cries may fade, but its echoes still remain,

A testament to a journey, through sunshine and through pain.

For in the depths of feeling, we learn and we grow,

And love, in all its forms, helps our spirits to flow.


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Moharif Yulianto

a freelance writer and thesis preparation in his country, youtube content creator, facebook

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    Moharif YuliantoWritten by Moharif Yulianto

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