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coping mechanisms for the end of your world

there is no distraction from this

By Dane BHPublished 6 months ago 1 min read
coping mechanisms for the end of your world
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drag yourself home.

ignore the weight in your chest, the soft,

slow suffocation of growing grief.

turn on the tv. the radio. put speakers in every

room of the house. pretend sound is life. pretend the voices

are real. make yourself dinner. or pour another bowl of

cereal. no one's watching. shuck

the day from your shoulders. scrub

it from your face. fog the mirror

on purpose. exhaust yourself so sleep comes. know

nothing can make this easier. there is no way to do this wrong.


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Dane BH

By day, I'm a cog in the nonprofit machine, and poet. By night, I'm a creature of the internet. My soul is a grumpy cat who'd rather be sleeping.

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  • Hannah Moore6 months ago

    Ouch. This feels so damn heavy.

  • Margaret Brennan6 months ago

    it's still the quiet before I fall asleep that gets me every time. I walk in her room and see her cancer ridden body lying in the bed that has been empty for seven years. As I stare at the neatly made bedding, I want to scream and cry, "mom why did you have to leave me?"

  • Ward Norcutt6 months ago

    I like your piece. It carries a forboding sense, an impending... your lines with repetition and terseness, soundscapes...create a barrage of images, without being heavy-handed! I did not like the bold font at first...I thought, "Why?" I immediately refused to "notice" it as I read, an un-needed distraction, ironically. It becomes for me ( just so you know) the embodiment of the "sickness" , as I, the reader, refuse to look at it.

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