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by Karen Quinn 11 months ago in love poems
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Soul bond

I just knew the first time I saw you,

When looking at your face,

That there was something different,

It made me want to chase,

Your soul was so bright,

I could see deep in your eyes,

That in the world around you,

You are in disguise,

I wanted to be there,

To help you through it all,

To always elevate you up,

And never let you fall,

I know things can be difficult,

But this is so intense,

It really is so hard,

Keeping up this pretence,

I hope you know that I care,

That I’ll always be,

There for you forever,

That I’ll always see,

The good in you in total,

And also accept the bad,

When you are happy and angry,

And lift you when you’re sad,

I’ll help you keep a balance,

I’ll help you make it through,

I’ll never tell a soul about this,

Unless you want me to,

I’ll help you through your dark times,

Always when you’re sad,

If it takes a whole lifetime,

When it happens, I’ll be glad,

Then I’ll wait however long,

That this should take,

For divine timing or whatever else,

I never will forsake,

I know that this is special,

Even though it’s crazy,

But one day it will happen,

You make my heart so racy,

Surrounded by people always,

I’m not sure anyone gets it,

How being alone can feel,

When with a crowd and lit,

I understand how this feels,

Because I’ve felt it too,

Always felt so different and alone,

Until I caught eyes on you,

So I hope you know you’re amazing,

Everyone always tells you so,

But sometimes it doesn’t help,

This I also know,

I hope you see your value,

I hope you just reach tall,

Beyond the skies and out of reach,

Beyond the built up wall,

You’re probably empathic,

Which is how you need time,

Sometimes it’s so difficult,

It’s hard to let yourself shine,

But don’t ever worry about me,

I’ll always be there,

And when you’re ready message,

And I’ll show you how much I care ❤️

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Karen Quinn

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