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Kind of sounds like depression

By Dnp_happyPublished 2 years ago 1 min read
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My love,

Come back to me, come tuck me into bed, come lay with me and tell me everything will be alright.

My love,

Do you ever think of me from time to time? Do you ever think about the memories we had? These days are so hard it quite honestly just makes me sad….


What’s that? I mean I should know I struggle with it every damn day… It leaves me restless all night and all day. I want to crawl out of my skin, I want to rip out my lungs I just can’t take the pain and confusion anymore….


Oh my long lost friend. You finally made your way back to me. You and confusion are cousins I forgot. You guys work together to bring on the big explosion…


One drink two drink three drink four, I don’t think I can find the door. I don’t think I’m seeing clearly, I don’t think my body is safe, everyone is spinning around in circles and all the sudden I see stars. I feel like I need to puke but I can’t seem to open my mouth, can’t seem to let it come up and out.

Here I stay on the floor looking up at the ceiling and looking up at my life. Honestly right now my life is a pain with a big Fuckin knife….

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About the Creator


Love to write wrote poetry when I’m in my deepest darkest moments…. ✍️

I want to help the world feel like they’re not alone ❤️

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    Dnp_happyWritten by Dnp_happy

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