by Janae Gertridge 11 months ago in sad poetry



Everybody is confined

I watch the cars drive by

The passengers are confined by seat belts

The seat belts are confined to the car

The cars are confined to the lanes

Even the voices on my radio are confined to the speakers

I watch the trees

They are confined to the Earth

Their golden leaves are confined to the branches

The dog at the corner is confined to its leash

It's owner is confined to his cell phone

When I finally make it the highway

I am still confined to the speed limit

Finally ahead of traffic

Breaking the confines of the law

I push the speed higher and higher

One pole, two poles, three poles

Which one does fate choose tonight

Sadness is a odd state of mind

Combine it with fear and it is exhilarating

Is Death instantaneous

Do you linger for a moment before crossing

Is there the other side or just ample oblivion

Oh so many curious questions

No more anger, heart ache and bills

No more let downs and crying and pain

Oh the relief this will bring

But what if I don't die

What evil torturous let down will that be

To know I was so close but denied

Then the depression I have now will be nothing in comparison

I will be in agony

Better not take the chance

Better slow down

I would not want to be confined like that

sad poetry
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