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Colour full love poems

by Zarinabanu Zarinabanu about a year ago in love poems
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In my lines For words Feeling Felt When you beat

Start writing... In my lines For words Feeling Felt When you beat.For a while Give permission Our hearts Built together House of love Leave This is gorgeous Let's see.Without noise A kiss To you everyday Giving unknowingly Enjoy Silently into the mind.Your arrival Determining For me Wrist drops Freezing Melting.Of the medium Crack In love Weaving.Darkness Although surrounded In your memory I will live I'm beautiful too With you in the world.Very favorite Object Lost Again In the hands As found The mind rejoices Since you disappeared When the eyes see.Eyes sleep Refuse Whenever Puts to sleep At the sound of kissing Lullaby.Iron the mind Even if Towards Undisai Remember yours What a magnet.Of With hands My last Until the trip.Touching the window Breeze Touching the mind To the point of survival Go You rule me Dear.Near you Of no There is no emptiness For a moment Will not move Your memory Since being.Of my love Pregnancy and you The grave and you.To be elongated Tonight Blue sky Dear.You are sprinkling the memory I really feel it You are with.Your forehead When touched You put the pot Beautiful moment What is inside me.Invisible in the rainbow Color Of what Beautiful idea.You Follow on I Walked.Rest None In loving you Only To my mind Dear.When not seen Into the eyes You are living.Carrying and crossing My mind Burdens Tirelessly With a smile.To the waiting ears Treated dear Your voice.I am your mirror My image is the lifeline of you Don't worry about With your handprint Because attached.You are yourself Because I like you Beginning Switch for me Starting section And problems.Fell to the ground Raindrops With your mind I got lost my life.Not in deviation Life In your eyes I felt that What is my search Nothing You are not lost Up to.The lines you shorten Make me cringe Have love without water No world If you do not I have no world Life.You Than read It breathed in you The more I sigh A brand new one Dawn I'm new too I am born Your memory Moisten me.In your eyes Write poetry To my eyes I focus Shake with ink Remember you Immobile Wait Eyes As you earn.And silence To speak Felt Even if you go alone You are being chased Remember me.Will leave At the moment Total love I give In your hand My hand I clung That.To me Than favorite To you Favorite ones The mind also loved The mind that admires That's the baby Yourself I think That stubborn In capturing.Slightly Even if you leave It is getting dark If only my world could close its eyes Come dream You are staying Without deviating into the eyes.Be the clock Sec thorn Following you I will be your memories I do not want to live Remember you As long as there is I want to live in you.All the anger Sattena Dissolve No fuss over your pranks In your love Deep down I was drowning too I am Going Beautiful Into the world for us.No matter how you write You are enjoying Don’t let the magazine poem scatter laughter Stuck trapped Shame.Going to sleep You say do not search I am your dream Forget that and touch the breeze The storm is receding The mind is in you.Enjoy to enjoy Tireless Poetry you In my eyes what you are Always me Arrogance is too much.My foot Touching drops You are drinking water Sin or curse Join me dear.I'm going to be amazed In your silence If you turn a blind eye to so much love You are on display The moon in darkness is the whole world Feels beautiful Sattena Touch your memories.Me myself As you can imagine Thinking of you Have Isn't it dear.

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