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Color The Colorless

by Suraj Ghimire about a year ago in love poems
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Color The Colorless
Photo by Nicholas Kwok on Unsplash

I'm consumed by the thought of you

this darkness sucks me in

But what do I expect from my heart

I buy my happiness in pills

But I can't buy the colors of life

All I have is blue

Blue feelings, blue thoughts,

I'm full of blue in my empty heart.

Why do I only love you when I miss you?

And I wonder what took you away

This pool of tears I look into

Reflects a rainbow full of grey

Grey soul, grey mind

Grey, like all the colors combined.

When you told me you were scared,

My darling, you should have prepared

For you knew the storm was a coming

Didn't you see the monster I was becoming?

I have turned all red,

Red like a warning, red like the fire

that you helped inspire

But it has burnt me instead.

You sat in the train of time

And left without a goodbye

They say time heals, but it was a lie

It took you away before my very eyes

You were the only light I could see

The only color that made sense

And when I would get tired of reality

I would watch it through your lens.

Yes, I always see the glass half full

Half full of empty and half-empty of full

Please fill me with confusion, fill me with sadness

Please give me your sanity and fill me with madness

Color me colorless with your palette

With colors made of you.

love poems

About the author

Suraj Ghimire

A Story teller and a Data Scientist

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