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Closing Waters

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By IamSORELLEPublished 5 months ago 1 min read
Closing Waters
Photo by Jonas Allert on Unsplash

I'm giving us the distance that we need as a resistance.

Being hooked to each other eventually had us shook.

The wave that clings in between us since I was sixteen still makes me feel like I'm shaking in a machine.

Closing these waters will make this be so unforeseen that no one will ever have to intervene.

Keeping my peace is the automate belief so that our love can decrease.

Yes, decrease, so that the priest won't see me at my early release.

The love that I have for you is deeply rooted but it's secluded under the demise of the dark skies.

So, fly as these closing waters come high on an aquarium night with the ocean's blue bright light.

As we live on, the years we spent together will be remembered but they won't be repaired.

Memories that will stay buried down in the black dusky blue sea.

Trust me it ain't a beautiful sight to see but I'm being clear on what needs to disappear.

Jesus parted the sea but I'm closing waters in hundred-degree heat.

As the lord takes me from the puddle of the pond that makes me feel like I'm drowning beyond the stars of mars

Beneath mars blocks many life bars that consist of future journeys that has me worried

As I'm closing waters make sure that my past stays underneath my heart's active veins, so I won't take the lord's name in vain.

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Hi, my name is Sorelle and I'm studying to get my BA in English. I have always wanted to write because it makes me feel more confident in continuing my education as a future writer.

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