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Circle around her Lips!

Romantic Songs

By Shital Ajit LondhePublished 2 months ago 1 min read

Sometimes, the relationships that we build over time, even though they might seem unbreakable, are in reality, quite fragile.

The space between the lips and the inner heart, that space, a delicate bud, had experienced pain even before it blossomed into a tender flower.

Why would the tears of her grief burden you? How can the new buds teach you to bear the separation differently?

Yet, her existence remains peaceful, like a dewdrop on a leaf. The dewdrop has been embraced by a web of leaves, a reality she neither denies nor accepts. I

t's just a moment that nature has bestowed upon her. The sentiment of sacrifice has overshadowed her, a sentiment that she has nurtured in her own mind.

And she is growing in your heart, you realized. But conversation remains difficult, whether known or unknown. Laughter is made easy by her presence.

However, the process of realizing and not realizing is quite intense. Because each bud, whether known or unknown, is not an unbreakable circle.

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Shital Ajit Londhe

I am a public figure (blogger/lyricist/author), who is working with global market publications, and my hobbies are singing, dancing, photography, writing articles, poems, gardening, spiritual activities, yoga, aerobics, counseling, cooking.

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