by Leon Vu 2 years ago in inspirational

"As I wait for the coming dusk..."



As I wait for the coming dusk

These lazy eyes

They distract me towards the metropolis plateau

A sinking sun shades behind the clouded mountains

And the tangerine sky lurks over the city streets

My elbows lay rest upon the banister

As I draw a cigar from a box

A flame is lit

Flaring about

I spin the cigar once around the light

And place it onto my lips

With an inhale,

I pull the smoke through as the cigar tip brightens

The flavour enriches my palate

And my mind cradles on a thought

From an exhale,

The fumes rise and encompass me

The smoke wavers freely,

And like my mind

The gentle draft carries it

As I watch the city lights gather

Alone in this beautiful silence

I treasure the ritual of my cigar

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