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Children's Poems

By Mohamed BenailiPublished 3 months ago 1 min read

1. **Rainbow Magic:**

In the sky so high and blue,

Painted colors just for you.

Red and orange, yellow too,

Green and blue, and violet's hue.

Look up high, after the rain,

A rainbow magic, not in vain.

2. **Dance of the Fireflies:**

When the sun bids its goodbye,

Fireflies twinkle in the sky.

Tiny dancers, oh so bright,

Lighting up the summer night.

Catch their glow in a jar,

Like a tiny, twinkling star.

3. **The Little Seed:**

In the garden, small and neat,

A little seed, oh, what a treat!

Planted with love, in the soil deep,

Awakened by the sun's warm sweep.

It grows up tall, with leaves so wide,

A flower blooms with petals pride.

4. **The Silly Monkey:**

In the jungle, swinging high,

A silly monkey, oh, my, oh my!

Chattering and laughing all day,

Swinging from trees in a playful way.

With a flip and a flop, and a hop and a skip,

The silly monkey does a funny flip!

5. **Moonlight Dreams:**

When the night is dark and the stars gleam,

The moon whispers secrets in a moonbeam.

It tells the owl and the sleepy bear,

Sweet dreams to all, everywhere.

Close your eyes, drift away,

Into the night, where dreams play.

Feel free to share these with the little ones in your life!

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