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By Mohamed BenailiPublished 3 months ago 1 min read
  1. In the bright depths of Coral City, there lived a unique superhero known as Sharky, a shark with a passion for dental hygiene. With a sleek, blue cape flapping behind him, Sharky patrolled the coral reefs, ensuring that all aquatic creatures retained brilliant smiles. - Armed with a toothbrush that shone in the underwater sunlight, Sharky courageously fought up against the legendary Plaque Pirates that threatened the dental health of the ocean's people. - His fin-spectacular movements and rapid strokes left the Plaque Pirates in shock as they retreated, defeated and toothless. - As the dental protector of the deep, Sharky's dedication to oral care became famous, and the marine creatures celebrated anytime they saw him swimming past, ensuring dental health for all beneath the seas.

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  • Margaret Brennan3 months ago

    awesome. wish my grandkids were much younger (they're all adults now). I'd print this and show it to them.

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