Childhood Memories

by Kayleigh Taylor 12 months ago in sad poetry


Childhood Memories

I remember when the trees, appeared a brighter shade of green.

I remember when my dreams, didn't take much to believe.

I remember being five, and feeling so alive.

I remember when the sky, was wishing me to fly.

I remember looking down from a slide, as I dropped super fast to the ground.

I remember the sound, as my bottom hit the ground.

I remember the laughs, as I played aeroplane's around the room.

I remember playing witches, with my Mother's kitchen broom.

I remember singing to Spice Girls, and wearing my Mum's clothes.

I remember lots of little things, nobody else knows.

I remember learning to dance, and strutting around the hall.

I remember learning the splits, and feeling 10 foot tall.

I remember playing mermaids, I was the little one of course.

I remember playing silly games, don't touch the lava on the floor.

I remember playing Monopoly, and someone always had to shout.

I remember after laughing, about stomping and walking out.

I remember the hours of dancing, and singing with my Mum.

I remember the times we argued, and always feeling so numb.

Remember, I remember all the little things, nobody else knows.

And those memories will follow only me, wherever I choose to go.

Remember to hold your memories close, wherever you choose to go.

Because only you have those precious times, that nobody could possibly know.

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