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Cherishing Those Who Stand by You

Honoring the Steadfast Souls in Our Lives

By Pavitradevi Published 28 days ago 1 min read

In the quiet moments, when shadows play,

There stand the ones who never sway.

Through storm and sunshine, night and day,

Respect them, cherish them, in every way.

When trials knock and dreams seem far,

Their steady hands will mend the scar.

With silent strength, like a guiding star,

They illuminate who you truly are.

In laughter shared and tears that fall,

In whispered secrets, they hear it all.

A bond unbroken, standing tall,

Respect the ones who heed your call.

For loyalty that never bends,

For every wound their presence mends,

For all the ways they are true friends,

Respect them deeply, until the end.

So in life's dance, both slow and fast,

Cherish each moment, make it last.

With those who stay, steadfast and vast,

Respect them always, first to last.

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I'm Pavitradevi S, a passionate writer and lifelong learner dedicated to exploring the world through insightful and engaging articles. My writing journey spans across technology, health, personal development, and economy related .

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