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Chapter 26

The Turn around let's Go back

By Walter D. WitherspoonPublished 5 months ago 1 min read

At the age of 26 I was Done making my relationship with God a hobby and started making it a lifestyle. I was looking for in identity threw being off the world but not threw Gods word.

He said I was a masterpiece but I felt like a trash pile of pieces, I could'nt see my futrue because I kept trying to live threw my past. I push the Gas trying to crash, but the car stopped even with the tank full of gas, My mind was back tracking of what I was lacking, but God gave this word and said you preached alot but its times to start practice, He gave me this reminder Romans 12:2, is for you, so threw my son you can become a new you, The world will still give you a hard-time,but give me a place in your heart meditate one my word and unwind,from your troubled mind ,I was physically alive but spiritually dead, my head was low and you told me to look up you have road work ahead.

Christ Gave me the identity the world could never Give me and from 26 on I been live threw his purpose enstead of just my own purpose


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Walter D. Witherspoon

Hey I am new to this platform I am just to share my stories,poems,and ideas. Good day thank God!!!!

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  • Real Poetic5 months ago

    Amen. Beautiful poem.

  • I'm so happy for the ways God has helped you. This was a wonderful read!

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