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Change it
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It is a turning point.

Echoing from the future and the past

It is a test.

Have you learned your lesson yet?

It is a joining

A hundred universes, a thousand

It is a moment

All roads are leading there

It is a choice

Will you stand by, silent?

How will history remember

This moment in time

What will they say

All those years down the line

When they speak of the people

All standing, all sure

Will they be guardians or enablers

To this far future

Will we be protectors

When it is all done

Will the stories reflect

The good we have done

Or are we enablers

To those who look back

Will we be complicit

In some horrible act.

There can be no silence

When evil appears

No neutrality found

When the horrified whispers reach our ears

Let your voices ring out

And you will be heard

History will sing

With your spoken word

Have your actions speak for you

In this rising tide

Be a shield, not a monster

To those terrified

We have lived our ideals

And waited to speak

While others use our own rules

To strip sound from our speech

Tolerance we preached

And tolerance we lived

And intolerance grew

Because of the space we thought to give

When you look back time

To this ancient Chinese curse

Will your actions have made things better

Or your inaction made it worse.

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