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Centuries, Divided

When the Past Meets the Present

By Elizabeth ButlerPublished 14 days ago 1 min read
Top Story - June 2024
Credit - Vladymyr Lukash

U wot m8?

U don’t talk proper.

I most c'rtainly doth!

P'rhaps t is thee.

Wot u tryin say?

That I talk wrung?

I am not implying,

I knoweth!

U sayin I’m stupid or sumthin?

Ugh! Slimy mooncalf!

U mad, no cap!

I am sick when I do look on thee.

U make me sick 2 m8.

I’m m're sophisticat'd,

Thou Speak in tongues.

Dunno wot u say,

But I talk write.

Concur to disagreeth,

Living centuries apart.

U can’t change my mind m8,

Liketh thee with I.

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About the Creator

Elizabeth Butler

Elizabeth Butler has a masters in Creative Writing University .She has published anthology, Turning the Tide was a collaboration. She has published a short children's story and published a book of poetry through Bookleaf Publishing.

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Excellent work. Looking forward to reading more!

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Comments (18)

  • JBaz10 days ago

    Me thinkith this be of the hilarious nature and forsooth a hoot. This had me in stitches. Congratulations

  • Congratulations on your top story.

  • Cindy Calder10 days ago

    Congratulations on theTop Story! Loved this.

  • Some great images in this manic stream of words

  • Margaret Brennan10 days ago

    congratulations on TS. This is fantastic. Unfortunately, I know people who still speak, "WEIRD" and several are highly educated. OH well.

  • Kendall Defoe 10 days ago

    This is very impressive!

  • Novel Allen10 days ago

    It sure is fun using the old words with the new. Love the Konversashun. Congrats.

  • Andrea Corwin 10 days ago

    Oh, yes, Congratulations on TS 🎉🥳

  • Andrea Corwin 10 days ago

    this is GREAT! I loved it, so clever.💕 It is something more difficult to write.

  • shrey 10 days ago

    honestly i'm not good at typing. every lines made me "oh wait! you're missing something" . gr8 ! loved it!

  • Hilarious mismatch between the eloquent and the more common lol

  • Super fun meeting of two styles! Congrats on top story! 👏🥳

  • Christy Munson10 days ago

    So fun! Congratulations on Top Story! 🥳

  • Aiman Javed10 days ago

    Amazing writing

  • bruno boby10 days ago


  • Manisha Dhalani13 days ago

    This is amazinggg! I was chuckling halfway. Nice one!

  • Hahahahhahahahahaha omggg this made me laugh so much 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Elizabeth ButlerWritten by Elizabeth Butler

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