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Celestial Overture

A Serenade of Infinite Wonders

By DanibrezyPublished 3 months ago 1 min read
 Celestial Overture
Photo by Daniel Gaffey on Unsplash

Beneath the moon's gentle sway, where shadows twirl,

A symphony of dreams unfurls.

Whispers of stardust weave the night,

Guiding souls in celestial flight.

Each verse a comet's radiant glide,

Tales of the cosmos, where dreams reside.

Echoes of love, in cosmic hues,

A masterpiece painted by celestial muse.

Time's rivers softly serenade,

Carrying hopes in their silver cascade.

Mountains reach for the celestial dome,

As we're cradled in the universe's eternal poem.

Galaxies sing their silent song,

A cosmic melody to which we belong.

In this dance, we find our release,

Lost in the embrace of eternal peace.

Hand in hand, through cosmic expanse we roam,

Amidst galaxies, we find our home.

For in this celestial overture, we find,

The eternal enchantment of the cosmic mind.

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As a beacon of creativity In a world where stories hold the power to ignite imaginations and spark emotions, Danibrezy stands and storytelling prowess.

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