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Celestial Conflict: Chronicles of the Void


By Byron LoderickPublished 2 months ago 1 min read


In the vast expanse where stars reside, Galaxies clash with ancient pride. Dimensions torn by rifts unseen, Where angels fall and darkly glean.

From realms beyond our mortal sight, Emerge the Fallen, bathed in night. With wings once pure, now tainted black, They bring forth doom, a vengeful track.

The Council calls, a desperate plea, To guard the light, to keep us free. A thousand worlds, their banners high, Unite to face the darkened sky.

Warriors rise from every race, In iron ships through endless space. With swords of light and shields of might, They stand as one, prepare to fight.

Celestial beings, strange and grand, With powers vast and knowledge spanned. Eldritch whispers through the void, Their motives dark, their plans deployed.

Amidst the stars, where battles rage, Heroes born on history’s page. A soldier’s heart, a leader’s grace, In conflict’s fire, their souls embrace.

Betrayal strikes with shadowed hand, Trust is shattered, lives unmanned. Yet from the depths, redemption gleams, In whispered hopes and distant dreams.

The Fallen’s scheme, a dread unveiled, To warp the worlds, all life curtailed. With final breath, the brave unite, To turn the tide, restore the light.

On crimson fields, where echoes roar, The fate of all is held in store. In sacrifice and valor found, A fragile peace, the stars surround.

The war now passed, the scars remain, In hearts and lands, through joy and pain. Legends rise from ashes burned, Their tales of glory, lessons learned.

Yet in the void, new whispers call, Of frontiers vast, where shadows fall. The journey’s end, a new begin, Through space and time, where dreams have been.

Reflect, oh stars, on battles fought, On love and loss, on lessons taught. For in the silence, futures wait, In cosmic dance, in hands of fate.


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Comments (1)

  • Esala Gunathilake2 months ago

    Nailed it.

Byron LoderickWritten by Byron Loderick

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