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Catching Clouds

Form in fantasy

By Donnalisa MadrigalPublished 4 months ago 1 min read
Do You See an Elephant, Heart, Triangle, and Genie Escaping a Lamp?

Daydreaming grounded in a verdant patch,

In the expanse above

Shapes wondrously form:

Triangles, elephants, gumdrops, pies,

Ravens, bear-paws, umbrellas, trees,

Angels, dragons, whales, ants.

Clouds silently guided by purposeful winds

To remind someone to smile

In a distant place.

Over the rooftops, my eyes go chasing.

Ne’er a care in my reverie.


About the Creator

Donnalisa Madrigal

There are seven of us now: Me, my husband, my daughter, my two sons, a daughter-in-law and my dog Raider! But I still carve out the time to complete puzzles, read about myths, psychology, and spirituality, dream, and stare at the stars.

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  • Donnalisa Madrigal (Author)4 months ago

    This “distraction” is not only an entry to the acrostic poem contest but is close to my heart as well. A couple of years ago, my husband confided he couldn’t see pictures in the clouds anymore. It wounded me as his wife, his partner in life, of over a quarter of a century. He was confessing something deeper. The little boy, only I am allowed to see, was overshadowed by worry. As I bombarded him with care, I silently vowed to myself I would never, could never, let the clouds go by without recognition. Give me the sky and let me dream. Enjoy. ❤️

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