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Catch you, I may never do


By KarunPublished 4 months ago 1 min read
Catch you, I may never do
Photo by Bart LaRue on Unsplash

Catch you, I may never do,

But in my heart, I'll forever pursue,

The essence of you, wild and free,

A reflection of the untamed in me.

In a realm of shadows and dreams untold,

Where whispers echo, secrets unfold,

There I wandered, lost in the night,

Yearning for a beacon of guiding light.

Through the darkness, a flicker appeared,

A gentle presence, drawing me near,

With every step, my heart raced anew,

For in this game, I sought to catch you.

You were the wind, wild and free,

Elusive as the waves upon the sea,

A spirit dancing through the mist,

Leaving behind a longing twist.

In fields of daisies and meadows fair,

I chased your essence, unaware,

Your laughter echoed through the air,

A siren's song, beyond compare.

With nimble feet, you danced away,

A playful tease, a fleeting sway,

But still, I pursued, determined to find,

The enigma that captivated my mind.

Through mountains high and valleys low,

Across rivers swift, where time does flow,

I raced against the fading light,

Guided solely by your ethereal sight.

Yet, as I reached, you slipped away,

A fleeting shadow, destined to stray,

But in the chase, I discovered anew,

The beauty hidden in catching you.

For it was not your form I sought,

But the essence of the lessons taught,

In every chase, a journey profound,

In every loss, a treasure found.

And so, I release my grip on desire,

Content to let your spirit inspire,

For in the chase, I found my own truth,

An eternal flame, a love uncouth.

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Poetry that explores the intersection of feelings and nature is a common theme among many poets I am Karun. Started writing poems to express feelings and find feelings! They show innermost feelings can reflect in external world. AESTHELTE

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