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Careless Affection

Sad Love Story

By Dr. KrissPublished 2 months ago 1 min read
Careless Affection
Photo by Eric Ward on Unsplash

You said you loved me like crazy
But you never acted like you did
You treated me like I was lazy
You left me lonely and sad

You promised me the world and more
But you never gave me anything true
You filled my mind with fake and sore
You made me question everything I knew

You kissed me with heat and spark
But you never cuddled me tight and cozy
You lit my flame and dark
You threw me to the windy

You hugged me with soft and sweet
But you never backed me in my goals
You wiped the smile off my feet
You shut my voice and holes

You held me with brave and strong
But you never shielded me from the hurt
You pushed me to the wrong and long
You watched me crash and dirt

You looked at me with wonder and wow
But you never saw me for who I be
You ignored my good and bad and how
You blinded me with a lie

You loved me with careless and affection
But you never loved me enough to stick
You broke my heart and direction
You walked away and never turned back

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