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Care for yourself

More than a religious lesson…

By Ekta K. Kalra Published 6 months ago 1 min read

Taking the care of wound

How often I remember disease

I am still a human

Reminds me the pain in feet

If at all I could rise

Like Buddha

Pain would have been a friend

But repair would have far stood

Acceptance of pain

Is denial of heal

I know it

But still in free from pain

Existence I believe

Caring for dust

That was left by men rich

I still gather peace

In this enormous misfit

I still smile

I still utter silence

I am at peace

This is new to me

Will meditation help

Or take me away

From self care

Taking a serious illness

Real serious

Was never before like theft

Still the doctor says

Forget the pain

How will I care

For self then

How will I win

Despite the fail

I fell on my foot

In life’s race

It pains me to walk

Meditation would not repair

Wound is wound

It will take its time

I am sorry

Being sorry is also close to crime

I cannot express pain

I cannot utter disease

But I feel

But I feel

Inches above my feet

I feel

My heart feels huge pain

Buddha will repair

For meditation is gold

My health will be rich

I will grow

Many a fold

Hired by self

I still walk in hope

Some day my feet will heal

Buddha has told

Meditation heals

I still feel less pain

For the healing if close

Why should I shout

Why should I weep

For meditation will heal

Buddha has told

My broken dreams

Will create new hope

Where I stood

I will stand still

I take now less care of my feet

But now I take

Less care of my feet

Buddha has told

Meditation will heal


About the Creator

Ekta K. Kalra

I am in search of something inside of me which I know cannot be found outside of me. Real knowledge!

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