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Canvas of Memories

Portraits of the Heart: Painting Life's Stories on the Canvas of Memories

By M. Shaihan AhmedPublished 11 months ago 1 min read
Canvas of Memories
Photo by Paul Blenkhorn on Unsplash

In the depths of my mind's vast gallery,

A canvas unfurls, a tapestry,

A mosaic of moments, both near and far,

A masterpiece woven, memories that are.

Each stroke of color, vibrant and bold,

Stories untold, waiting to be told,

The brush of time has left its trace,

Creating a kaleidoscope of life's embrace.

A canvas of memories, painted with care,

Hues of laughter, shades of despair,

Scenes of love and bittersweet tears,

Etched upon the fabric of passing years.

There, a scene of youthful delight,

Carefree laughter in the golden light,

Skipping stones in a rippling stream,

A fragment of joy, forever it gleams.

A touch of melancholy in shades of gray,

A rain-soaked afternoon of whispered dismay,

But even in sorrow, beauty finds its way,

Through strokes of resilience, resilience to convey.

Brushstrokes of adventure, journeys taken,

A world explored, memories awakened,

Mountains climbed, horizons unfurled,

Canvas adorned with an intrepid world.

The love of a lifetime, portrayed in grace,

Two souls entwined, finding their place,

An embrace captured with each tender stroke,

A bond eternal, a love evoked.

With each passing year, the canvas grows,

New chapters added, the story flows,

The hues may fade, but the essence remains,

A tapestry of moments, an everlasting refrain.

So let us cherish this canvas of time,

Hold dear each stroke, each rhythm and rhyme,

For as life's brush continues to paint,

Our memories live on, never to faint.

In this gallery of moments, forever we roam,

A canvas of memories, our heart's eternal home,

A tribute to the lives we've woven and weaved,

A masterpiece of moments, cherished and believed.

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Comments (1)

  • Poppy 11 months ago

    "The brush of time has left its trace, Creating a kaleidoscope of life's embrace," is simply beautiful. I loved the message behind this poem and the uplifting feelings attatched to it.

MSAWritten by M. Shaihan Ahmed

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