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Can You Put Your Faith In Me

by Creative Hub 5 years ago in love poems
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George Hiegel

I can't say I understand what you've been through

No one person can say that of another

Pain is not the same, never exactly the same

For another as it is for you

Hurt is unique and affects us all in different ways

One can be so scarred and torn up inside

They lose faith in the possibility

Of love bringing together two halves

Of the same separated soul

I want to tell you something, my special one

I love you like no other I have ever loved

And I need to ask an important question

From the deepest part of what I am

As a man, as a man who loves you so

Can you put your faith in me?

Can you make yourself vulnerable, once again

To another, to me, is it even a possibility?

Is the door to your heart closed to me?

Did you alter the lock and void my key?

Can you put your faith in me?

To always be there and care for you

To love you, to be with you, and to hold you

A warmth in my heart from a shared life

That shall always burn for you

For as long as I draw breath

Upon this fleeting plane known as life

You are everything to me, my love

And even if you can't put your faith in me

No one shall ever take your place.

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