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Can't cry ...

Love broke, he wanted to cry loudly so that tears could wash away dust, wash the pain, cry to erase the debt, so that from now on, no longer remember ... but that pain kept heavy in The heart could not turn out crying.

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Can't cry ...
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If I cried, he cried for a long time

Cry to forget ... so forever remember

Tears poured out the predestined debt

Bring us back to the meaning of the stranger ...

If you cry, you are not shy

Will cry like who ... never know crying

Leave the love to stop being tired

Where is the happiness of coming back ...

If crying is washed away

I want to cry and melt the misery

Leave the heart filled with flowers bloom again

The field of the soul is flavored ...

If you cry so much so much

I want to scream the secret things

It has been buried for a long time

In my own painful pain ...

If you cry, you don't have to be silent

Must try to do as accidentally icy

Even though it's close to each other

Why feel cold and lonely ...

If crying will reduce sadness

It is better to vent my soul.

There is nothing in the middle of life lost

But the bridge that holds on the bon ...

If crying is crying for all the troubles

Once pain escapes a bright region

Luon to hear the calm heart

Smile and then strongly step through.

@The pain in him was dull. Honey, I wish I could cry loudly ... so that the memory of you no longer, so I could smile and strongly move ...

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