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can't breathe


By Azreen MahmoodPublished 4 years ago 1 min read

Round and around a curse builds it's nest

Of a sickening fable, no lesson, but a mere crisis

Of a polluted reverie that is my head.

Detest me,

Fulfill this will of a miserable being

Detest us for who we say

Are lies, fabrications

Hiding yet another an estranged frame

Twisted, broken, bitter with this air.

Go find me a reason to breathe.

As many a word spoken, plenty vows broken

To the very depths and the core

Screams the shaken,

The distorted.

Voices so foreign

Brimming with the littlest of serene cry for death

Peacefully lying with the entangling names;

Names that haunt, tatter

Rip apart feeble trace of life.

Oh damn,

Tell me how I could breathe.

Imaginary existence

Ferociously howls to escape bodily bars

She has put on a smile over her porcelain frame

And his menace

Tore her between two worlds.

Tell me, how could you breathe without a vent?

Twisted, broken, alone with this air

Riding the lust and hate,

Created yet another repulsive name.

Hate me. Hate us.

Never detach us.


Memories lost

Times gone

Past through the shell without a soul

As the hands without limbs suffocate...

I can't breathe.

sad poetry

About the Creator

Azreen Mahmood

i write

to make sense of what's wrong around me

to let my emotions find a place

to say there's another perspective, always

if you like what i have to say a small tip would be much appreciated,

thank you for taking the time and interest <3

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    Azreen MahmoodWritten by Azreen Mahmood

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