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Call and Response

A Poem

By Laura DiNovis BerryPublished 6 years ago 1 min read

When I talk about you

(When am I not talking about you)

my friends, civilian, coo in pity,

my cousins, military, flatten their lips:

"It is not easy to love a soldier."

Then a pause - there's always a pause.

I make it light.

"We'll have the perfect marriage;

We'll never see each other!"

(Pause again for laughter)

Then we turn to cheers and toasting:

Good luck to this unlucky love.

Beers fill my friends and

Liquor stiffens my cousins.

The night is filled with well wishing

for the jar head and the besotted.

Later on, alone in my bell jar,

the conversation echoes.

Their call repeats:

"It is not easy to love a soldier:"

Then a pause - there's always a pause.

I respond:

He's worth it.

He's worth it.

He's worth it.

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About the Creator

Laura DiNovis Berry

Welcome! I provide free book reviews for modern poets! At the end of the year, 10% of all earnings and donations will be given to a non profit organization. This year you will all be helping Lambda Literary! Thank you!

Twitter: @poetryberry

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