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By Sara Published about a month ago 1 min read

me and you are like the sunset.


painfully beautiful.

burning bronze.

it is always

day’s end

of the last day

when you cup my chin

in your hands

and hold my eyes captive

in your alluring depths

and i drown.

every day ends in darkness

but when you hold my hand

there are stars.

but when the day breaks

and my raw eyes sting

i miss the fleeting moment

when my heart sinks

into the ocean floor

along with the sun.

a sky cannot burn forever

like the fire in my chest

that consumes me.

we are cinders of our passion - burning alive.

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Comments (2)

  • T. Licht28 days ago

    Wow I feel like poppy- it's such a beautiful line.

  • Poppy 28 days ago

    'every day ends in darkness but when you hold my hand there are stars.' That is so perfectly beautiful!

Sara  Written by Sara

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