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by Rachael MacDonald 3 months ago in fact or fiction
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A mood.

Photo by Pablò on Unsplash


Let it fly.

Stick it in,

Get a win.

Make a triple,

Keep it simple.

Have a drink,

Give a wink.

Blast a tune,

Make them swoon.

Talk some trash,

Throw down some cash.

Supply the food,

Set the mood.

Eat some chips,

Kiss some lips.


Have some fun.

Doubling out,

Whoop and shout.

Play some cricket,

Time to stick it.

Off the board,

‘Nother drink is poured.

Cast your lot,

On the dot.

Light the fuse,

Nothing to lose.

Cannot wait,


Time to go,

Make your throw.

Straight ahead,

At the red.

Look the part,

Throw the dart.

fact or fiction

About the author

Rachael MacDonald

An American who now calls Canada home!

I've always been a reader first and a writer second---So I need your help!

Please leave a comment, a criticism, or a helpful hint. I'd like to have as much honest feedback as possible! Thank you!

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