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by Tahnee Cole 10 months ago in sad poetry

Tahnee's Story


I’m depressed and feeling down,

When nobody is around I breakdown and cry,

The feelings of hopelessness and defeat become overwhelming,

I hate being alone in this disgusting, horrific world,

To save myself it may very well be to late…

I’m all alone; everyone else abandoned me,

Terrified of what I may see; I’m forced to take a deep look inside myself,

A heart of stone, my minds gone numb and fists that are always angry,

Destined to be tossed away and all alone,

My blood boils hot, my spirit is crushed and runs feral,

Life is torture; happy days do not exist for some,

Excessive strife, too many tears like torrential rain,

People choose to judge me for being myself standard or not,

As they stare through their masks of deceit; not even close to complete,

I may be different and lost at times but at least I know who I am – I live no lie!

Tahnee Cole © 1989

sad poetry

Tahnee Cole

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Tahnee Cole
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