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Broken Bonds: A Poem about Toxic Parenting

When Love is Poison and Control is King

By Sarath SPublished 3 months ago 1 min read
Broken Bonds: A Poem about Toxic Parenting
Photo by Artyom Kabajev on Unsplash

Toxic parenting, a curse unspoken,

A child's heart forever broken,

Words that cut like sharpened knives,

A heavy burden that ruins lives.

A parent's love, it should be pure,

But toxic parents, they endure,

Using their children to meet their needs,

Neglecting them as their heart bleeds.

Emotional abuse, it's hard to see,

A child's mind, it's where it'll be,

Lies and manipulation, the tools they use,

Control, it's what they'll always abuse.

Their words are poison, it seeps right through,

Leaving a child unsure of what to do,

A life lived in constant fear,

Their hopes and dreams, it disappears.

A toxic parent, it's hard to heal,

The wounds they leave, it's all too real,

A child left with scars so deep,

Hoping one day, they'll be able to sleep.

Toxic parenting, it's a tragic tale,

A child's life, it'll always derail,

But know that healing can take place,

With love and support, it'll find its pace.

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