Brick Walls

by Sid l.c 2 months ago in slam poetry

& Sleeping Dogs

Brick Walls

So here’s the thing

I don’t communicate well

Or often or fucking properly

Everything out of my mouth is either something that makes no goddamn sense or is some random shit i recently learned about that i believe everyone around me now also needs to learn

And that’s cool and all but, no one ever listens.

I talk to brick walls painted like my friends

You know how when everyone starts to talk over you when you’re right in the middle of a damn sentence normal people just start to fade out you know, stop talking and politely smile and join the new more important conversation?

me, no, i will continue to speak because i am important and i am going to be heard.

My dog doesn’t even always fucking pay attention when i talk, he’ll fall asleep as if my every word is some type of lullaby as my voice trembles in d minor.

It takes real fucking skill to want to continue to talk and let the world hear my thoughts when all the brick walls just keep getting taller and taller.

I still continue to put my two cents into conversation i thought i was a part of only to not even five minutes later someone say the exact same thing i just fucking said and the whole room erupt with feedback or approval as if my words were written on cue cards for main characters of my being to read back into the camera like their own.

How many times do you people have to say damn i don’t know why no one ever listens to you

Nah fuck you, you know why they don’t because you are part of they and even in my own life the only way my words are taken seriously is when someone else plagiarizes my knowledge and wisdom and becomes the person of value the way my creator expected me to be.

So i don’t communicate, i don’t express myself in ways people can grasp, why would i when all I’ve ever been in contact with is brick walls and sleeping dogs?

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