Sid l.c

Writing the things i stay up all night thinking about. Just trying to figure things out.

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The Sun
13 days ago
Do the things you dreamed you were doing. Grab my hand and lead me towards the dandelion fields we lost ourselves in. Take us to the paradise of your embrace The sun beaming off the shine in your eye ...
13 days ago
Ungrateful breathing leaves my lungs, i pray the air will refill me just once more, at least. There is so many worlds and minds i have yet to see, so many things i have yet to understand or study. Gas...
2 months ago
It’s in the way you laugh when the jokes aren’t even that funny. The way your smile forms so quaint and sincere. How when the whole room is buzzing you stop and ask me questions. The way you dance whe...
This Is
2 months ago
I think I was in love once, no could it have been? I think love is what it was, I don’t remember much about that time. I remember tears and misunderstandings. But I also remember his embrace and how s...
Moving the Past
2 months ago
the future is confusing, forever turning and moving. nothing is ever set in stone except for today and the days that have gone. The things we worry so much about that may happen haven’t even begun yet...
One Day
2 months ago
We get colder As we grow older We will walk So much slower And hold our heads lower. Our hopes will be so far above us, I swear, they touch the heavens. Once in a while, we’ll catch a glimpse of what ...